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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2024 Led by Conrad Freese

Course Overview

Led by Conrad Freese the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is your opportunity to evolve both as a practitioner and Teacher of Yoga.

My vision is that with guidance and help you can discover your path as a Yoga teacher, using your own experience and understanding to teach authentic Yoga that reflects who you are as an individual.

Applications for the 2024 200 Hour Teacher Training are now open. Please submit your interest once you have read the further details below.

Conrad doing sports massage

What will I learn on the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Over the course of 10 months you will explore the history, philosophy and meaning of Yoga, revolutionising your understanding of Yoga – and of yourself. In addition you will delve into physical Asana, the practicalities of teaching and how to teach in a way that connects your knowledge to your students.

My aim is not to mass produce carbon copy teachers that teach from a script, but rather for you to develop a deep understanding of Yoga, its goals and purpose, and share that vision with the world.

Throughout the course you will learn not just what to teach (and why) but how to teach in an authentic way that connects your students to the rich source of Yoga. Key elements of teaching Yoga, including how to communicate, demonstrate and physically assist your students, will be trained, assessed and developed throughout the course.

My mission is to help you feel confident teaching everyone –  ‘Yoga for Every Body”, including anyone who could come to your next class (such as Pregnant students and those with physical limitations or other issues).


Learning Asana

Teaching Asana (the physical poses of Yoga) requires an understanding of Anatomy, Physiology and biomechanics: elements of anatomy will be added throughout the course but a weekend dedicated to training in the application of this knowledge using my experience as a certified Physiotherapist will let you explore how this connects to Yoga and what it means for your students.

As you develop what you want to teach we will be helping you to understand how to teach your students – from day one you will practice teaching to a full room of people. We want to be able to help you be a confident teacher, with a voice loud enough to be heard and a message that you want to share.

Yoga is more than asana

To be an amazing teacher you need to be able to do more than sequence a great class and speak loudly: you need to understand the purpose of what you teach, to develop themes and intents that will take your students deeper.

One often overlooked element of Yoga is the interconnected realms of Meditation and Mindfulness: a true Yoga Teacher can do more than just make students more flexible, they can help others develop a connection to their true self that can be literally life changing.

All that is taught through the course will be underpinned by a 200 page (and growing) Yoga manual, that will be a source of information and inspiration for years to come.

Meditation in Yoga

Different styles of Meditation drawn from various streams will help connect you to your wiser self. See where you make fear based assumptions that limit your power and overcome them. You will understand how your own behaviour is the driver to your personal prosperity – and how to engage your mind to overachieve in every element of your life.

Whether you’re an accomplished Meditator or just a beginner we will explore different styles of Meditation and Mindfulness to help you unleash your potential and learn to be happier, more focused on the present and more confident in your decisions.

Exercises drawn from the realm of life coaching and personal development will help you to recognise what you want – and what stops you from achieving it. These practices will help you to not just endure change but to embrace it and drive it to the outcome you want.

meditation 1


On completion of the course you will be a certified Yoga teacher (200 Hour) under the Yoga Teachers Together CIC and Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP).

It is requested that teacher trainees register with either Yoga Teachers Together or Yoga Alliance Professionals to obtain trainee teaching insurance (you will be teaching throughout the length of the course itself).


The course will last a total of 10 months, running Feb-Nov 2024. Both days (Saturday and Sunday) will run 9am-5pm, with suitable breaks and a period for lunch (not provided).

Attendance at each weekend (for the full duration of the day) is mandatory: should you be unable to attend a specific weekend an additional session (hosted in December) will be added to make up for the time lost and further written exercises will be need to be completed before your work is submitted for certification. 

Provisional dates are provided below:

Feb                  17-18

March             16-17

April                13-14

May                 18-19

June                22-23

July                  20-21

August             17-18

September      21-22

October           19-20

November       16-17

(December TBC, expected 14-15)

Cost and Payment breakdown

Early bird payment: £1350

(Due before 01/12/23)

All in one payment: £1500

Standard price

Deposit + Instalments: £1750 total

£750 + 10 x £100

Early bird special: All in one sale price of £1350 (reduced from £1500). Ends 01/12/2023.

Standard All-in-one cost: All in one price of £1500.

Deposit and instalments: Deposit £750, then pay £100/month for each month to be paid prior to each Teacher Training Weekend.

If you require flexibility in payment (eg 3 quarterly payments) this can be arranged. Please contact me for more information. Receipt of your deposit (or full payment) reserves your place on the course once your application has been approved. Please do not attempt to send any money prior to confirmation of your application being accepted.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Teacher Training further please get in touch.


Conrad Freese

Further Information

About Conrad

Conrad is a Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist and Life Coach.

He brings the skills needed to guide you through the process of change growth and renewal, giving you the opportunity to accept yourself as you are and explore what you truly want from life.

“I believe that Yoga in all its forms is a crucible for change: allowing us to unite our mind, body and spirit to recognise our true desires and unlock the potential and determination to achieve whatever we want.”

He now uses his experience to help others develop the skills to drive lasting change in their lives. Conrad enjoys teaching Yoga and Meditation with humour, compassion and with an emphasis on the experience of the individual informing their teaching path.




Withdrawn from the distractions of our day to day lives we have the opportunity to be truly present, and learn the tools needed to transform your life. This is  an immersive experience to transform the way you live your life.