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28 Day Yoga Challenge with Conrad Freese

Course Overview

A 28 day exploration of your practice with guidance and support from Forrest Yoga Teacher Conrad Freese.

As a result of the social distancing measures and to help support those in self isolation this course has been designed to give students the opportunity to continue their practice. This course is accessible for free, but donations are gratefully received below. Many of us face uncertainty about the future, our finances and the health of those we love. Yoga has always been a source of strength for me, a way of helping to calm my mind and motivate me to act as my wiser self: this course aims to help all those who wish to continue their development as Yogis in a time when it is needed more than ever. All classes are available through my YouTube channel, or visit here for a full list of the classes on offer.


Who is this for?

Anyone that enjoys Yoga! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Forrest Yoga or consider yourself to have a more advanced practice, this 28 day series will help to ground you and develop your personal understanding of Yoga and yourself. If you have studied with me before you will have the opportunity to review your understanding of Yoga, and if you are new to my teachings or Forrest Yoga in general then it is a great opportunity to try something new.


Yoga is grounded in Asana – the physical practice – but it can be so much more. Over the course of 30 days you have the chance to move beyond a series of poses and find what Yoga means to you as an individual. We will explore how your practice can teach you lessons that will shape the way you live, give you meditations to help clarify your mind and give you the chance to evolve as a practitioner and as a person.


What do I need?

A willingness to challenge yourself and a Yoga mat… 

For some of the sequences you will need a yoga block and strap – but if you don’t have these I’ve made a quick video demonstrating how to make your own props from whatever you happen to have available to you right now in your own home.

The challenge has no set start date and no end date: you are welcome to join and progress as you wish. If you need to take a break for a while the online content will be waiting for you when you return, published through my YouTube channel here

This course is designed to be entirely stand alone: you do not need to have a wide experience of Yoga to get involved. Our current advice is to exercise for an hour a day – as someone that was much more physically active before the ‘lockdown’ an hour just isn’t enough. Beyond physical exercise I use meditation to help calm my mind and keep me grounded – something I’ve needed now more than ever. This course takes elements from the breadth of Yoga and helps you to take your practice beyond the mat into your everyday life.

How does it work?

There are 4 ‘blocks’ of 5 classes with a specific intent: you can practice each of these five in order, then choose the one you found to be most challenging or rewarding to repeat on the sixth day. The seventh day is a dedicated rest day with a specific meditation to round off the week (but if you already have an established meditation practice you are welcome to add this to your practice as you wish).

The first block is aimed at being able to get you back up to speed with your practice (if you are returning after a break) or get a little more experience of practicing in this format if you are already used to practicing regularly.

The second block has a more therapeutic theme, helping to unravel tension from the body and mind. One of these is a Yin inspired practice derived from my years of teaching Cancer Survivors which may feel different for those of you that practice with my regular classes elsewhere. Remember that each practice will have some degree of challenge, sometimes physical, sometimes more mindful.


The third block is focused on being able to take you deeper, be more mindful of your response to your practice, more conscious of yourself as a whole within Yoga.

The fourth block is more of a physical challenge, looking at being able to take you further, explore your edges and have fun pushing your boundaries!

Remember, if you ‘fall off the wagon’ you’re welcome to jump back on anytime you wish, these classes are meant to be accessible to all for as long as they are needed.

I’m also working on being able to provide you with some more instructional videos aimed at being able to give you a deeper understanding of the practice, both in terms of the physical Asana, but also the more esoteric elements of Yoga. If there is anything you want help with or need clarification about then please get in touch!


About Conrad

Conrad is a Forrest Yoga Teacher, Massage therapist and Life Coach.

He brings the skills needed to guide you through the process of change growth and renewal, giving you the opportunity to accept yourself as you are and explore what you truly want from life.

I believe that Yoga in all its forms is a crucible for change: allowing us to unite our mind, body and spirit to recognise our true desires and unlock the potential and determination to achieve whatever we want.

Conrad had previously been an unhappy corporate robot, until he was diagnosed at a brain tumour at the age of 26.

I realised I couldn’t do it anymore – spending 8 hours a day sitting behind a computer was literally killing me.

I needed to get out, and while undergoing treatment what had been a passion for Yoga became an obsession: it was what freed me from my sickness and misery.

After I recovered I couldn’t face being trapped again – I needed to put my happiness and health before someone else’s idea of a career.

I recognised that I was fearful of being free from that unhappiness and resolved to become a Yoga teacher, to help people achieve happiness and peace.

Conrad lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, where he teaches Yoga Classes and Workshops to the public, including a free class for Cancer Survivors.

He now uses his experience to help others develop the skills to drive lasting change in their lives. Conrad enjoys teaching Yoga and Meditation with humour, compassion and with an emphasis on the experience of the individual.


Withdrawn from the distractions of our day to day lives we have the opportunity to be truly present, and learn the tools needed to transform your life. This is  an immersive experience to transform the way you live your life.