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8 Week Forrest Yoga
Intermediate Course

Jesmond United Reformed Church, Burdon Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2 3AE

Thursday 7.30-9pm: starting 09/01/20

Buy: Full 8 Week Course: £60 NOW £45

You have some experience of Yoga, know your Downward Dog from your Pigeon, but you want to go deeper; move beyond the physical poses and start exploring the nature of Yoga as a way of evolving the way you live beyond the mat. This course is for you: led classes with a physical theme and more advanced intents – the underlying focus of each individual practice, the way you can connect to it and personalise it to get more from each practice.

We will also look at what Yoga means to you, providing you with the tools to develop your own practice, in the form of both physical Asana and the other facets of Yoga, including meditation and mindfulness. This course includes an exploration of Yoga theory and philosophy, and the use of meditation to transform your mindset and awaken a conscious awareness of your actions in every element of your life.

Yoga as an exercise routine is enjoyable and can make you feel great, but if you find yourself wondering why some people find Yoga to be literally life changing you need to uncover the deeper aspects of your practice.

Yoga teachers often teach only Asana because it is (relatively) simple: “Put your left foot forwards and step into Warrior 1”, but to bring the more esoteric aspects of Yoga into your practice can be challenging for the teacher and the student. With over ten years experience Conrad has studied the wider elements of Yoga and chosen to teach them in a more accessible way, relevant to your lifestyle.


Build Focus, Mindfulness and Clarity

Our 8 week Intermediate course is an exploration of Yoga for those that have some experience of Forrest Yoga or for those looking to explore this dynamic and exciting format.

Forrest Yoga is a modern style of Yoga that helps you to achieve more, and more quickly, while teaching you to care for yourself and recognise your abilities. This course will help you to understand your objective in Yoga, recognise your strengths and find ways to expand your capabilities.

With support from Forrest Yoga teacher Conrad Freese you will have the attention you need to accelerate the pace of your learning.


Think, Feel and Explore

Each class in the series adds to your knowledge of Yoga, including reference material taken from the wide spectrum of Yoga philosophy and history. Forrest Yoga’s strength is its adaptability. This 8 week course will help you develop your abilities, develop your own practice and adapt the practice to suit you. By building your knowledge about Yoga it makes it easy for you to get more from every class and practice, rather than simply going through the motions of a ‘mundane’ exercise class.

Conrad is experienced in being able to clearly communicate how individual students can uncover what they need to progress the less physical elements of their practice. The nature of the practice is secular, but will draw on elements of Hindu, Buddhist and Western philosophy for you to challenge your perspective and question your underlying attitudes. Practitioners of all faiths (or none) are welcome.

Conrad has been teaching for 12 years, but this is the first time he has run the Intermediate course to deepen your practice (at the request of his students).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Conrad directly.

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