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(RE) start: 8 Week Yoga
Beginner’s Course

Jesmond United Reformed Church, Burdon Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle, NE2 3AE

Thursday 6-7.15pm: starting 08/07/21


Buy: Full 8 Week Course: £50 NOW just £40 for a limited time!

This course is Covid-secure and numbers are very restricted to ensure everyone’s safety.

The (RE) start introduction course is modelled on the beginners 8 week course I run at the beginning of each year. I’m rebooting it as a lot of us haven’t been as active as we could have been over the last 18 months, and for anyone that hasn’t tried Yoga before it’s a great opportunity to begin something from scratch. The benefits of Yoga and meditation are endless, and it’s a perfect time to share them!

Want to practice Yoga but don’t know where to start? Worried you might not be flexible enough? Think you might be held back by an old injury or just lack of physical fitness? Don’t want to be thrown in at the deep end with a load of people that already know what they’re doing?

This course is for you: simple instruction for those with little or no experience of Yoga, gradually progressing to more advanced classes at a steady pace, making sure you understand the focus and aim of everything you do so you can learn how you should feel – not just how you should look. Yoga is truly for every body, but you need to have a clear understanding of the basics; learning to breathe before you can move!

Friendly and welcoming environment with enough support to make sure everyone gets the attention they need. Exercises for you to practice at home to drive your progression at your own pace with guided online reading for further study. Feel confident within your body, learn to relax through Yoga (rather than stress about getting it right) and open yourself to a whole world of enjoyment.

Where is it held?

Jesmond United Reformed Church, Burdon Terrace, Jesmond.

Thursdays 18.00-19.15, Start date Thursday 8th July 2021. 


Build Strength, Stamina and Flexibility

Our 8 week course is an introduction to Yoga for those that have not studied with us before, either as complete beginners new to Yoga or for those looking to transfer from other styles to this dynamic and exciting format.

Forrest Yoga is a modern style of Yoga that helps you to achieve more, and more quickly, while teaching you to care for yourself and recognise your abilities. Understand your objective in Yoga, recognise your strengths and find ways to expand your capabilities.

With support from Forrest Yoga teacher Conrad Freese you will have the attention you need to accelerate the pace of your learning. Each pose will be demonstrated the first few times it is taught to help you learn. Forrest Yoga uses a vast array of different poses to explore your body and test your limits while maintaining your safety.

Mindful Awareness, Conscious Focus

Each class in the series adds to your knowledge of Yoga, starting with the foundations of breath and feeling, working up to being able to challenge yourself while maintaining control.

Forrest Yoga’s strength is its adaptability. This 8 week course will help you discover your abilities, and help you to adapt the practice to suit your needs, great if you are working with health issues or recovering from an injury – feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Yoga and your health.

By building your knowledge about Yoga it makes it easy for you to focus on what you are doing in class, rather than feeling lost and looking around to see what everyone else is doing!

Relax, Recover and Revive

Learn the difference between your Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 – with the poses identified in English (rather than Sanskrit) you’ll feel more comfortable and find it easier to remember what’s what, without the added pressure of learning another language.

Conrad is experienced in being able to clearly communicate what students need to feel (not just what they should look like) in their practice, so each student is consciously grounded in the moment rather than looking around and worrying that they’re doing it right.

By the end of this course we aim to give you the tools to partake in and enjoy Forrest Yoga and its healing benefits, help ease tension from the body and give you tools to find peace of mind.

This is the 9th consecutive year Conrad has run the 8 week beginners course, refining it every time to include the most up to date information.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Conrad directly.

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