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Workshop: Grief, Loss and Acceptance Healing through Yoga and Meditation

This workshop is focused on being able to effectively connect to and process grief through your practice, with meditation, reflective exercises and a led Yoga practice.


Grief is a response to loss and the pain that we experience as a result.


Grief is not straightforward, and we can often experience waves of grief triggered by seemingly inconsequential things, even years after we have experienced loss: Grief is a difficult but normal response to loss. There is no set timescale for healing, or an expectation that we will return to ‘normal’, and each person walks their own path through grief.


Grief is not always socially accepted, and public display of grief are often considered socially unacceptable, leading to grief in isolation. We can often restrict our emotional response to suit others, to not be seen as over emotional or ‘keep going on about it’. Many people find that we are culturally incapable of processing Grief and end up struggling to cope.


Grief is sometimes seen as weakness, however to experience loss of such a magnitude you must have been fiercely brave to commit to someone or something with your whole heart. While it can be challenging by processing Grief we can become more aware of ourselves and our relationship with what has been lost, as well as reconciling with our grief.


In this workshop we will explore:

How to connect to and work with Grief within your Yoga practice

Use Reflective techniques to help process Grief

Recognising whether your Grief is hindering you from processing your loss

How regulating your nervous system can help you direct your actions and gear yourself towards healing from loss

Developing agency, ownership and control of your healing

Develop a framework of self-practice that can help to continue this path of liberation



While grief is most commonly associated with the loss of a Loved one grief is a response to many kinds of loss. There will be no requirement for you to share or otherwise divulge the nature of your loss. This is a personal experience for your own growth.

It is recommended to explore healing from multiple perspectives including an appropriate mental health practitioner.

You do not need to have a particular level of practice to participate in the physical element of the Yoga practice, but you should have some prior experience of Yoga, and practicing with intents around the mind-body connection.

Please bring: Yoga mat, block & strap, blanket and meditation cushion.


Tickets can be purchased here.