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Workshop: Working with Embodied Trauma Healing through Yoga and Meditation

Hosted in an intimate setting with a restricted number of participants, this workshop is suitable for those working with Trauma and its embodied aspects.


The physical body is an integral part of the individual, and an extension of the mind. This is evident in our lived experience, embedded into our culture and even language – having ‘the world on your shoulders’ or feeling ‘butterflies in your stomach’: Mind and body are entwined.


Mental and emotional trauma have a huge psychological impact, changing our behaviour and thought patterns across our life course. These in turn become embedded in our physical bodies, creating patterns of tension and restrictions to movement.


Embodied trauma is not necessarily a straightforward reflection of the nature of Trauma experienced. Just as we have individual and unique experiences and bodies we have individual and unique responses to Trauma. Our ability to consciously access these embodied patterns through Yoga, and to address our Trauma by exploring its physical embodiment, can be a transformative tool for helping to process Trauma.


In this workshop we will explore:

How to work with Trauma consciously within your Yoga and Meditation practice

Using reflection to uncover and change damaging beliefs

Recognising habitual responses and cyclical thought patterns that need to be interrupted to deal with Trauma more effectively

How regulating your nervous system can help you direct your actions and gear yourself towards healing

Developing agency, ownership and control of your body

Develop a framework of self-practice that can help to continue this path of liberation




There will be no requirement for you to share or otherwise divulge the nature of your trauma. This is a personal experience for your own growth.

It is recommended to explore healing from multiple perspectives including an appropriate mental health practitioner.

You do not need to have a particular level of practice to participate in the physical element of the Yoga practice, but you should have some prior experience of Yoga, and practicing with intents around the mind body connection.

Please bring: Yoga mat, block & strap, blanket and meditation cushion.

Suggested reading: The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk (2015) ISBN: 0143127748


Tickets can be purchased here.