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Psyche and Soma Workshop

Yoga and Meditation Workshop: Psyche and Soma

Yoga is both transformative and transformable – capable of creating change and being adaptable to the needs of every individual. Considering Yoga as more than the practice of Ä€sana how does our practice reach beyond the physical, and how can we teach this in a way that allows students to experience the immaterial? Here we consider the connection between all aspects of Yoga within the taught practice and the exploration of the individual, uniting thought, emotion, sensation and control.

The concept of the physical and mental as two separate entities has long been rejected: we are one being. As we explore the boundaries between the freedom to feel, the control of the body and the constraint of our awareness we guide ourselves as a whole.

The experience of yoga provides space to allow the awareness of what we feel – in every sense – in union. The insight this gives us to our own lived experience is what takes Yoga beyond a physical workout and makes it something infinitely more rewarding.

What we are taught, and what we teach ourselves on the mat ripples across our identity. We can use Yoga to better understand ourselves and our motivations, but how can we consciously direct this change? For those that teach how can we share the insight we have in such a way that makes an impact?

This will be a practical workshop and involve some physical Asana: please bring a Yoga mat, block and whatever tools you require to feel comfortable in your own practice. Suitable for enquiring minds of all experience levels.

1:30 – 2:30pm, Great North Yoga Show, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, NE8 3BA. Book tickets to the Great North Yoga Show.

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