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Yoga for cancer survivors

Please note that I no longer teach the Yoga for Cancer Survivors class at The Yoga Station, but the class continues at the same time and location with a new teacher. My huge thanks to all those who helped and joined me in creating the Yoga Station’s first specialised class for those going through and recovering from treatment for Cancer.

My yoga for cancer class is free. 

1-2pm Monday at The yoga station

With the support of The Yoga Station in Whitley Bay I run a class for those going through, and recovering from, treatment for Cancer. This class is held at The Yoga Station, Whitley Bay Metro Station, Station Road, Whitley Bay, NE26 2QY – See it on a map.

Yoga and Cancer

Yoga is an excellent tool to help people in an indescribable situation gain some sense of control, using their bodies in a way that frees them from pain and even creates pleasure. Yoga helps to calm the mind and to maintain physical strength through treatment – not to mention it’s also enjoyable.

These classes are open to all no matter the stage or severity of their Cancer: I provide a welcoming environment to all with enough variations to cater to all levels of student. I am also happy to invite those that care for those undergoing treatment for Cancer into these classes – doing something together, but independent of each other can help to give a break from the roles of care giver and cared for.

While still based in the principles of Forrest Yoga these classes have less focus on Physical challenge (and handstands), but more on being mindful of the feedback from the physical body, Pranayamas (breathing exercises) and meditations to help calm the mind, reduce anxiety and relax.

Cancer and me

My personal journey with Cancer began when I was still working in a 9-5 office job, sick of what I was doing but not able to bring myself to quit and find my passion. After a few headaches and a CAT scan I was told I had a brain tumour (probably benign) but later proved to be malignant. 6 months of treatment later and I was dreading returning to work, but I took voluntary redundancy, escaped the rat race and became a full time Yoga teacher and Sports Massage Therapist. It’s been a challenging, transition but a heck of a lot of fun.

As always please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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